Susan Ehrens on “Women Photographers and the Stieglitz Circle” November 29th in Santa Fe

The Modernist Spirit: Women Photographers and the Stieglitz Circle

Guest Lecturer Susan Ehrens is a respected authority on modernist photography and woment photographers of the West, having published numerous articles, curated photography exhibitions, and authored A Poetic Vision: the Photographs of Anne Brigman.

Ms. Ehrens will discuss the work of photographer Anne Brigman and her contemporaries, as well as her relationship to Alfred Stieglitz.This lecture is held in conjunction with the exhibition “Georgia O’Keeffe and the Women of the Stieglitz Circle” on view at the Geogia O’Keeffe Museum through January 13, 2008.

Held at the St. Francis Auditorium, New Mexico Museum of Art, 107 W. Palace Avenue. Reservations stuggested: (505)946-1039; $5.00 for non-members.

Co-Sponsored by the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum and Aperture West.


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