Jonathan Torgovnik wins the National Portrait Gallery’s Photographic Portrait Prize

From the BBC News website:


A portrait of a Rwandan woman who was raped during the 1994 genocide has won the National Portrait Gallery’s Photographic Portrait Prize.
The subject of the photo, Joseline Ingabire, is shown embracing the child she bore after the attack.

Photographer Jonathan Torgovnik, who was awarded the £12,000 prize money, took the picture after interviewing Ingabire about her experiences.

He said that at fight sight, the photo depicts “how beautiful they are”.


He added: “And then you look at the mother’s eyes. On the surface, this is a portrait of a beautiful mother and her children.

“Her beauty is there, yes, but there is something quiet and terrible behind that.”

Torgovnik photographed 20 women and children in all for a series called Intended Consequences: Mothers of Genocide, Children of Rape.

Ingabire was two months pregnant when the massacre started.

She was repeatedly raped during and after her pregnancy and, after giving birth, became pregnant again as a result of one of the attacks.

About 2,700 photographers from around the world entered a record 6,900 submissions for the prize.

The £3,000 second prize went to Argentine-born Julieta Sans for a portrait of her friend, and third prize went to Cape Town-born Michelle Sank for a portrait of a teenager from a children’s home.

Fourth prize, which was a cheque for £1000, went to David Stewart, who lives in London and was born in Lancaster, for a portrait of his teenage daughter.

The inaugural Godfrey Argent award for photographers aged 25 and under, went to 24-year-old Ivor Prickett from Ireland.

He won the prize for a picture from a series on Serbian families returning to Croatia after being displaced during the Bosnian conflict.

Congratulations to all!


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