Covering Photography: Album Covers

Another great installment of COVERING PHOTOGRAPHY arrived in my inbox today:

“On the record: Avedon to Yavno

This month, Covering Photography is offering a slight variation on a theme. No, we’re not giving up on book covers, but click HERE and find twelve album covers. The photographers whose images are on these covers, listed in alphabetical order, are:

Richard Avedon
Erwin Blumenfeld
Elliot Erwitt
Lee Friedlander
Benno Friedman
Phillipe Halsman
Mary Ellen Mark
Joel Meyerowitz
Duane Michals
Arnold Newman
Deborah Turbeville
Max Yavno

See if you can match each cover with it’s photographer. For those nerdish enough to care about these things, A few will be easy to match. But some may surprise even the most hardcore.


Previous Covers of the month:

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Cover of the Month 5
Cover of the Month 4
Cover of the Month 3
Cover of the Month 2
Cover of the Month 1
John Szarkowski 1925 – 2007

To view Covering Photography’s homepage: Covering”


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