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9/11: We mark another anniversary today.

Today marks the passing of another year since the tragedies of 9/11. When I think of the emotions and horrors of that day, I see it through the eyes of James Nachtway, who was part of the one-day young Agency VII and working for TIME that day, and I also so the many images shot by Magnum Photos members, and the work of other friends that day.

This morning I assumed I’d see features on the home pages of VII, and of TIME marking this anniversary – but no. (There is a great piece on the home page of under TIMES TOPICS that features many of the images we now know so well.) I searched the web and found SHATTERED, the amazing essay that James did for Time that day. Don’t miss seeing that, and re-reading the wonderful interview that Peter Howe did with James Nachtwey on his work that important day on Digital Journalist.

Then I went to Magnum’s website – no feature today, either, So take the time to go to and do a search: “September 11” and 1000 images are keyworded this way, images that you will remember immediately as part of the important and brave coverage of that terrible day. There is a great compilation of the work they did: New York September 11. I especially enjoy reading the recollections of the photographers within this publication.

Photographer Joel Meyerowitz spent the most amount of time on the NYC site, with the tremendous body of work compiled in an publication called “AFTERMATH, The World Trade Center Archive.”

Last but certainly not least – the amazing and important work that a small but mighty group of people created called HERE IS NEW YORK. They brought the work of photographers – professional and amateur alike – to the world via the landmark exhibitions and 8 lb. book of the same name. The project was a fundraiser as well – allowing photographers to give back to those who lost family and loved ones in the tragedy.

I know there are hundreds – thousands, really – of couragous photographers working that day, many of whom continuing, six years later, to tell the story of the impact of this attack on Americans six years ago. I thank you all for your important work.


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