“Affect/Effect: Adventures in Image, Light and Glass” Artists’ Discussion September 9th

Visual artist Rebecca Cummins has been exploring integrating the medium of glass into her photography, video and installation pieces since relocating from Sydney, Australia to Seattle, Washington. This collaborative exhibition is the culmination of her recent artist residency at Pilchuck Glass School. A panel discussion will be held in conjunction with the exhibition on September 9th. From the press release:

The Museum of Northwest Art presents an Artists’ Discussion by three of the 2006 Pilchuck Glass School Hauberg Fellows, facilitated by Ruth King, Artistic Director, Pilchuck Glass School. Artists Robert Campbell, Rebecca Cummins and Mark Zirpel will share images of their work, followed by a discussion of the group’s collaboration and unique approaches to glass as a medium.

Coming to glass from backgrounds in video, printmaking, photography and sculpture, the artists do not use glass simply to create beautiful objects. They are interested in its optical properties such as how it can distort or invert an image, how it can be combined with other technologies to transform an image, or be used to include the viewer or the surroundings in the image.

The three artists are part of a collaborative group (which also includes artists Brian Bolden, Ben Wright and Jim Butler) that began working together at Pilchuck Glass School in May 2006 as recipients of the annual Pilchuck Glass School Hauberg Fellowship. The fellowship is awarded to a group of artists, not necessarily glass artists, who want to work collaboratively, exploring and extending the use of glass in their work.

Affect/Effect: Adventures in Image, Light and Glass, an exhibition of work by all six of the artists, is on display at the Museum of Northwest Art through October 7. The exhibition includes installation, video, photography, printmaking and sculpture.

The Museum of Northwest art, located at 121 South First Street, La Conner WA, is open daily from 10 am – 5 pm. $5/general admission, $4/seniors, $2/students. Admission is always free for MoNA members and for children 12 and under.

Education Programs are supported with funding from Anacortes Arts Festival, Dakota Art Stores, Islands Fund, Klorfine Foundation, PONCHO, Skagit Community Foundation, Target, U.S. Bank, Washington State Arts Commission, National Endowment for the Arts, and many other generous donors.”


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