APA National Photo Competition 2007: “Silver to Pixels” Deadline 9/17/07

From the Advertising Photographers of America website (www.apanational.com):

“The APA @ 25 National Photo Competition, Silver to Pixels, provides a great opportunity to showcase the work of talented photographers from across the country. It is a celebration of photography and recognition of the extraordinary transitions in image making processes over the course of APA’s 25 years. The competition goals are to encourage and recognize outstanding work that reflects personal vision as well as technical excellence; to increase market opportunities through vigorous post-competition promotion, and to educate and inspire. In keeping with the APA brand, photographers are encouraged to submit work that reflects forethought and planning, is message driven, (away from generic stock-type images) and without a doubt exemplifies technical excellence.”

For complete information and entry forms, click here.

When on the APA National website, be sure to check out the RESOURCES section; I encourage all of you to read the paper “Licensing and the Value of Copyright” by Jeff Sedlik. Not to be missed.


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  1. lhunter said

    APA Announces 2007 Silver to Pixels Photo Competition Winners

    The Advertising Photographers of America (www.apanational.com) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2007 APA National Photography Competition, Silver to Pixels, unveiled at APA’s 25th anniversary party, co-hosted with Digital Railroad at the Sandbox Studio in New York on October 19.
    APA Silver to Pixels 2007 National Photography Competition Winners
    Topping the list of selected winners for the Silver to Pixels competition were:

     Grand Prize Winner – Steve Brooks (APA)
     Lifestyle – 1st Place – Adrian Hyman (APA)
     Portrait – 1st Place – Adam den Haene (APA)
     Fashion – 1st Place – Michelle Joyce
     Action (Sports / Adventure) – 1st Place – Steve Brooks (APA)
     Still-Life / Food – 1st Place – Miles Keep
     Landscape / Architecture – 1st Place – Douglas Hill (APA)
     Personal / Fine Art – 1st Place – Carlo Van De Roer
     Legacy (images made before 1997) – 1st Place – John Deane (APA)
     Student – Best of Students – James Cole (APA)

    Click Here: http://www.apanational.com/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3811 for a full list of winners and slideshow of winning images.

    Lauren Hunter
    Lauren Hunter Public Relations, PR for APA

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