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MACEDITIONRADIO.COM: New Audio Interviews now Available

Harris Fogel of has posted an interview he conducted with me when at we were both Reviewers at PhotoLucida in Portland this past April.

From the website:
“Photography Consultant Mary Virginia Swanson On The Portfolio Review Process and More From One of the Most Respected Voices In The Photo Community – Photo Lucida Conference, Portland, Oregon 2007
Mary Virginia Swanson is one of the most respected voices in the photographic community, bringing a wide-range of experiences ranging from museum, editorial, fine-art, and more coupled with a committed passion for education and the expansion of the photographic aesthetic. In this extended conversation we discuss the rise of portfolio reviews, the status of photographic book publishing, and her own career in photography. If you are serious about your photography, then listen in as Mary Virginia Swanson elucidates her view of contemporary photography and how to succeed in meeting the goals you set for your work. Recorded at the Photo Lucida Conference in Portland, Oregon in April 2007 by Harris Fogel. Posted 8/4/07 (32:51)”

Click here to find a full list of Harris’ interviews with industry leaders, from Photolucida, the National SPE Conference, PMA, PPE and more.


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