Open call to Digital Artists for works about Environmental Stewardship for 2008 Bejing Olympics and beyond – “Future Earth: Our Home In Peril?”

From the Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. website:

Call for Entries: The Common Ground Collection of Gifted Digital Artists 2008
THEME: “Future Earth: Our Home In Peril?”

Artists from around the world are invited to use the digital art medium to speak to the common issues we all face on this planet, regardless of where we reside or what language we speak or what tribe or nation we identify with. We cannot escape our interconnectedness with regard to the health of planet Earth and its ecosystems. For this collection of digital art, we are looking for compelling imagery that creatively communicates this cross cultural imperative to treat our home – Earth – as the sanctuary that it is for all of us.
Please submit your complete entry by September 30, 2007. October 31, 2007 is the selection notification to artists.
There are NO fees for submissions.

Eligibility and Media
Submission is open to all creative artists whose works can be defined as digital in nature.
We invite artists to submit up to 3 finished digital art images.

Common Ground is using a fairly narrow definition for “Digital Art” relative to this inaugural Common Ground Collection. We do recognize – and encourage – the broader acceptance of digital art expression that may take many forms. But for the purposes of this exercise in cross cultural reflection on Environmental issues, we are focusing in on the PROCESS of digital art:
Art that was created using digital technology in the process of its creation. In other words, a computer program was used to generate the works, or to manipulate and modify the imagery.

For the purposes of consideration in the Common Ground Collection, straight photography, video imagery, even music (all of which may be construed, rightly so in the broader definition, as digital art) will NOT be eligible for submission.
Completed art for submission may indeed contain digital photo images, but all submissions will be judged for the artist’s use of computer programs for enhancement and creativity.

Jury Process
A panel of distinguished practicing artists, curators and arts administrators will determine the standards and select the finalists for the awards. All decisions are final. The jury will be looking for the development of original ideas in the work submitted – imagination, competence, and the skillful use of art and technology tools. Work that suggests visual plagiarism, i.e. a direct copy of another artist’s work, will not be accepted.

Click HERE for Submission Guidelines.


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