Elizabeth Opalenik’s “POETIC GRACE” – Pre-orders Now

Elizabeth Opalenik is a wonderful artist who has touch so many through her work, and her teaching. Her series of nudes produced in the Mordancage process are truly memorable.

Elizabeth wrote recently with this news:
I have just returned from Singapore with a copy of my monograph, Poetic Grace, in hand. It was a thrilling, somewhat daunting and quite a rewarding experience to be on press for the printing. The book is bigger and as lovely as I had hoped for after 28 years. It is now 12×13 inches in size with 90 four color images. The book and the limited edition clamshell sets should arrive and be ready to ship mid August. Additional details and ordering information are available at www.poeticgrace.com.

I am still offering the prepublication price of $65, plus shipping until August 15. After that date the price will be $75. Because I am publisher and distributor, the book can only be ordered through me for now, but some stores will carry it by fall. That said, I would be pleased if you could pass this information to any stores near you that may want to offer “Poetic Grace”.”

From the book’s website:
“In my 30 years circulating through the photographic community, I have met few individuals who have developed their creative inspiration as richly as Elizabeth. The images that flow from her frequent bursts of inspiration always surprise and delight me. She has the wonderful ability to turn any photographic process into her own unique vision and voice, from infrared to handcoloring to Mordançage. There are more unrestrained, creative impulses in her
fingers and heart than seems fair in one person.” —Reid Callanan

An exhibition of the work featured in “Poetic Grace” will open August 30 at Verve Gallery in Santa Fe. There will also be a book signing at the gallery on September 1st.

Bravo, Elizabeth! What a great accomplishment. I can’t wait to see your book and congratulate you in person when we teach together next week in Maine!

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