www.areaofdesign.com: Interview with Sean Perry

Photographer Sean Perry turned me on to a website called “Area of Design” that is featuring a wonderful interview with him currently on the home page, with samples of his work and his artists book Transitory. (I interviewed Sean about “Transitory” for the forthcoming Fall issue of the Photo-Eye Booklist; I’ll post when it is on the stands.)

I’d not previously known of this website, and find if of interest, particularly as it showcases both art and design.

“Our scope includes, but is not limited to, the following disciplines:

Fashion Design
Furniture Design
Graphic Design
Interior Design
Interactive Design.”

It’s mission statement: “Area of Design is an organization that showcases established and emerging artists, designers, commercial firms, and non profit groups based in the United States.

Our mission is to provide a forum for artists to express themselves and inspire others by encouraging, educating, and nurturing creative talent.”

Many sections of this site should be checked out, especially American Icons, Resources and the Calendar, pointing readers to interesting events like Pop!Tech 2007, and exhibitions like “Meet Contemporary Czech Design.” Just the blend of art and culture I love!

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