Results: Photography Now ’07 On View at CPW

The Image selections by Alison D. Nordstrom, curator of photographs at George Eastman House for the exhibition “Photography Now” are on view at the Center for Photography at Woodstock through August 19th.

From the website:

Photography Now ’07 presents the works of nine widely disparate photographers that, when assembled in one room, makes an emotionally cohesive whole. Almost never do we look at photographs one at a time. In jurying an exhibition, rather than judging a competition, the principal concern must be to create an interesting, harmonious selection that becomes “one thing”. It goes without saying that the work must be good. By that I mean original, well crafted, and intelligent. Anything else would be jarring, distracting, boring or an insult to the viewer. However being good is not enough when what is being chosen is an exhibition rather than say, the Champion Pig at the County Fair.”

The website features a selection of the work of the nine selected photographers, as well as artists statements/bios; I’ve added their websites below if available.

They are:
Gideon Barnett
Chicago, Illinois

Paul Giguere
Arlington, Massachusetts

Chad Hunt
New York, New York

Allison Hunter
Houston, Texas

Andrew Liccardo
DeKalb, Illinois

Tamara Lischka
Portland, Oregon

Forest McMullin
Rochester, New York

Franc Palaia
Poughkeepsie, New York


Kristopher Stallworth
Bakersfield, California.

Congratulations to all!


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