Publishing Workshop: Chris Pichler and Dave Gardner at the Center for Photographic Arts, Carmel (August 25 & 26)

The Center for Photographic Arts is offering an amazing workshop on publishing the photobook, with two of the most gifted individuals in the fine art publishing industry. Dave Gardner has set the standard in fine printing for publication, and Chris Pichler has set the standard in book design and production. I can promise you an extraordinary experience to learn from these two gentlemen.

From the website:
“The workshop will focus on photography book publishing and printing. Chris Pichler, founder and publisher of Nazraeli Press, will discuss methods of putting together book dummies, submitting proposals to publishers, the relationship of images and words, and various types of books and bindings. David Gardner will discuss technical aspects of papers, printing and binding. Both Chris and David will be happy to meet with participants one-on-one to look at their work in the context of book publishing, and answer any questions about publishing and printing the participants may have.”

Don’t miss Dave’s recollections of working with Ansel Adams on YouTube: click here.
Click here to learn more, and register. This WILL sell out!


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