Results: Newspace Juried Exhibition “Among Us and Curious” now on view

Newspace Center for Photography in Portland Oregon has opened the 3rd Annual Juried Exhibition “AMONG US AND CURIOUS” and will remain on view through July 29th.

Juror DARIUS HIMES offered this statement:
“Photography in the early years of the 21st century is a panoply of diversity. The availability of picture-making devices is rampant. Different types of cameras–from the cell phone and the scanner to the view camera, the pinhole device and the hand held 35mm–are within the reach of anyone with an inkling of artistic interest. Independence of individual thought and action–that child of the moral revolutions and technological innovations of the 2oth century–permeate the Western world and have made in-roads to more closed societies. The sheer variety of images that we witness today is due more to a belief that ALL voices have a rightful place in the world than anything else. Filters and “the critical lens” are a necessity, now more than ever, when it comes to imbibing and coercing meaning from the sea of work out there.

Thirty-five images from thirty-two photographers are included in this show, culled from over 2,000 images. My approach to jurying this show was neither to survey the field and present a cross-section of “what’s happening” nor was it to award artists for the “Best Images in Show.” Rather, I looked at the work in front of me and allowed a loose narrative, an unspoken and enigmatic script to emerge. Each of the photographs included have their own merit and play a contributing role in the unity of the show. I chose the work of John Mann, Alex Emmons and Takako Kido to be the award recipients based on the strength and coherence of the 5 images they submitted, rather than just on the strength of the image(s) I decided to include. By excluding some photographs and including others, I sought to strengthen this overall group of images into a cohesive unity. Playfulness, mystery, fauna, fancy and the presence of others among us–these are all words that I hope will resonate in your minds as you view these wonderful, diverse pictures.”

The Newspace website lists all aphotographers included in the show, with links to their websites if available. Don’t miss the chance to see this interesting selection of images:

Kai Aitchison

Portland, OR

Aly Su Borst
Oakland, CA

Jessica Burko
Jamaica Plain, MA

John Caserta
Providence, RI

Andrew Cross
San Diego, CA

Grant Ernhart
San Francisco, CA

Martine Fougeron
New York, NY

Margo Geddes
Durango, CO

Jim Golden
Portland, OR

Jon Gottshall
Portland, OR

Patti Hallock
Brooklyn, NY

Sarah Henderson
Portland, OR

Amy Herman
Beverly Hills, MI

Nicole Jean Hill
Eureka, CA

Bridget Lacey
Crescent City, CA

Laurie Lambrecht
New York, NY

Dan Larkin
Rochester, NY

Monika Merva
Brooklyn, NY

Daniel Milnor
Costa Mesa, CA

Brad Moore
Laguna Beach, CA

Elaine Sakiris
Boston, MA

Betsy Schneider
Tempe, AZ

Julia Sherman
Los Angeles, CA

David Spagnolo
Sacramento, CA

Maura Sullivan
Brooklyn, NY

Ka-Man Tse
New York, NY

Daniel Traub
New York, NY

Alyssa Taylor Wendt
Brooklyn, NY

Bil Zelman
San Diego, CA


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