IFPDA Website: “Learn About Prints”

I am doing research today for an upcoming article on limited edition books for the column I co-author with Darius Himes in the Photo-Eye Booklist, and was remined about the value of the website for the International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA).

There is a terrific resource for artists within the site: LEARN ABOUT PRINTS, which offers a summary of techniques, glossary of terms relating to prints/editions, and a bibliography. I encourage all my readers to check this out, and print for your reference library. (I mentioned this as a resource within the chapter on “Estate Planning Consideration for Artists” in my book The Business of Photography: Principles and Practices (2007).

Be sure to mark NOVEMBER 1-4th on your calendar – these are the dates for the IFPDA Print Fair 2007 in NYC. As I’m sure you are aware, an increasing number of galleries that represent works of art on paper are adding photographers to their rosters, translating to more opportunity for you and your work. Review the member’s roster on the website to begin research for yourself, and continue to learn about these dealers by visiting this art fair.

From the website:
“The annual IFPDA Print Fair is unique among the world’s major art fairs for its focus on fine prints from all periods. All dealers exhibiting at the Fair are members of the International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA). The IFPDA’s thorough vetting of its members assures collectors of each exhibitor’s expertise and professionalism, and of the authenticity and condition of artwork available for purchase.

The Fair is the highlight of New York Fine Art Print Week, an annual series of exhibitions, gallery talks, demonstrations, and expositions in New York during the week of the Print Fair.”


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