From ASCI: “Synthesis” Art-Science International Juried Exhibition entries due July 20

Another great lead from the Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. website:

The 2007 Arctic Science Conference (September, Anchorage) is sponsoring an exhibition entitled “SYNTHESIS: Collaborations, Investigations, Discoveries.” Click here to download complete information and application. A brief excerpt here:

“The Emphasis of this second annual Arctic Division AAAS-sponsored exhibition is art that is created in collaboration with a particular scientist, science project or theme. Collaborations can be direct or indirect, e.g. actively working in tandem with a science professional or working from historical journals or field notes. SYNTHESIS will explore the unique creative exchanges between artists and scienctists and illustrate the common ground that artists and scientists share, as well as how they differ. Preference will be given to artwork involving northern or circumpolar science. Works dealing with all aspects of the sciences through artistic expression and media will be considered, including installation and electronic media. All work must be completed between 2005 and 2007.”


The ASCI website (and organization!) is so interesting, I hope all of my readers are regularly checking it out, especially the work of their Featured Member (Devorah Serber for June/July).

From the ASCI Mission Statement:

“Founded in 1988, Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI) was one of the first art-sci-tech member organizations in the USA. Established primarily as a network for artists who either use or are inspired by science and technology, ASCI has become a magnet for some of the best examples of this type of contemporary art and for scientists and technologists wishing to collaborate. ASCI was instrumental in reinvigorating the art-sci-tech movement in the United States during the mid-1990’s and helped coalesce the art-science movement [1998-2002]. It produced seminal public panels and symposia on timely topics: from the world’s first “CyberFair for Artists”(1995) to “Bell Labs & the Origins of Multimedia Art” (1998), “Collectibility of the Digital Print” (1998), and explored potential support systems for early netart at “CyberArt’99.” ASCI also produced exhibitions of kinetic art, interactive light art, solar art, digital prints, and a Womentek exhibition. Since 1998, it has produced four ArtSci international symposia on collaboration and the ArtSci INDEX, an online matching tool for potential collaborators. The monthly ASCI eBulletin [sent to ASCI members] is the most comprehensive resource tool in this highly interdisciplinary, international field. ASCI welcomes partnerships and dialogue with the scientific community.”

Don’t miss the Project Archive, too, open to all.

One of the benefits of membership is their e-bulletin:

“Take a tour and explore the vast resources, opportunities, and featured members images and information. Ideal for researching the past, discovering trends, and staying current with the important events, individuals, and organizations that are developing the multidisciplinary, international art-sci-tech field. Keyword searches relating to science like: “biology”, “chemistry”, “microbology”, “molecular”, “physics”, “DNA”, “particles”, “environment”, etc. will probably yield surprising results!

Please note that the complete archive is accessible to members only… however, members must sign-in with their email + password first.”

Don’t miss all there is to learn from ASCI!


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