Reminder: TPS 16 Entries due JULY 5th

I applaude the Texas Photographic Society for not only publishing a full-color catalogue of this show, but taking it on the road to an even broader audience. By entering, you increase your visibility, support a great non-for-profit organization, AND, it’s a great way to introduce your work to this important Juror!! Submissions accepted via email, so try to make this deadline!

From the TPS Website:

“TPS 16: The National Competition
Exhibition will be on view in it Houston, Abilene, New York and San Francisco.

Amateur and professional photographers are invited to submit slides or digital files of their color and black and white works to the Texas Photographic Society (TPS) by July 5, for TPS 16: The National Competition. The exhibition will open at St. Edward’s University Art Gallery and be exhibited at galleries in Odessa, TX; Houston (as part of FotoFest International); New York City and San Francisco. An artist’s reception will be held September 22 in Austin.
TPS 16: The National Competition will be juried by Michelle Dunn Marsh, Director of Aperture West. She will award $2,750 in Cash prizes: First Place $1,000, Second Place $650, Third Place $350, and at her discretion, up to 5 Honorable Mention awards at $150 each. A color catalogue of the exhibition will be printed and sent to all entrants, collectors, museum curators and photography magazines, with exhibitors receiving 3 copies. The exhibit will tour for one year

Plans are being made to have the show in Houston at Fotofest 2008 during March and April of 2008. The exhibt will travel to New York City to be viewed at the Calumet Photo Art Gallery from May 12 – June 27. From there the show will travel to the Calumet Photo Art Gallery in San Francisco, California. The show will open July 21 and close August 17.

The Fotofest 2008 theme is China and Transformations. The National Competition will have the theme of Transformations. The TRANFORMATIONS theme, however, is not limited or restricted to China-related work. It can be interpreted however artists and curators would like to represent it. It could related to youth and age, urban environments, physical or psychological metamorphosis, passage of time, architecture, war, technological change, and history, to name just a few areas. Within the theme of “Transformations,” TPS is especially interested in issues of self and community. We encourage submissions that focus on physical/psychological metamorphosis and urban/suburban/rural change.

Juror’s Statement
I want to see work that examines and informs today’s experience of this beautiful, turbulent planet to which we cling. Images that explore a sense of self and community interest me, because I believe that personal and pro-found change can occur through photography and we exist in a time where change on many levels is needed.

In my early days at Aperture, we often invoked Minor White’s concept of transcendence in identifying works for publication and exhibition —”images that after the seeing of which we are never the same.” After ten years with the Foundation, I have been altered on a variety of levels through a wide range of work. Part of the power of photography is in the viewer’s ability to truly absorb an image and be transformed by an act of deliberate seeing. As an advocate for artists, my role is to provide multiple platforms for viewers to have that experience of transformation through an artist’s work.
Michelle Dunn Marsh
Seattle, Washington

To download the exhibition brochure (legal size paper), click here.

To download the exhibition brochure (letter size paper), click here.”


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