Fotovision hosts lecture “The Legal Landscape of Street Shooting” July 24th

Fotovision will offer this important lecture on July 24th, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at UC Berkeley:

From their Newsletter:
“Whether you are out on the street shooting as a freelance, staff photographer or a private citizen, you need to understand your legal rights and how those rights are interpreted in today’s social landscape. Despite press freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, the government routinely challenges individual journalists and the general public. For example, freelanceer and blogger, Josh Wolf, was jailed and served 226 days in jail for refusing to comply with a Grand Jury subpoena to turn over a collection of videotapes he recorded during a demonstration in San Francisco.

This will be a really interesting evening discussion about First Amendment concerns for photographers, principally regarding privacy liability, defamation and copyright. You will have the opportunity to hear in plain English what the issues are, what your legal rights are, and ways to protect yourself.

Fotovision is fortunate to have scheduled the very busy and high powered team at The First Amendment Project, dedicated to protecting and promoting freedom of information, expression, and petition. FAP provides advice, educational materials, and legal representation to its core constituency of activists, journalists, and artists in service of these fundamental liberties.

Location: The Center for Photography, North Gate Hall
Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley, Hearst & Euclid.

Instructors: David Greene, Executive Director of The First Amendment Project is an experienced litigator for First Amendment issues, a founding member of the Internet Free Expression Alliance, author and lecturer.
Pondra Perkins is a Staff Attorney and Environmental Advocacy Fellow at the First Amendment Project. In addition, she has a background in software engineering which she used to build digital applications for various media companies such as Getty Images.
James Wheaton, is a litigator in cases involving civil rights at the state and federal level, co-founder of the First Amendment Project. He is also a registered lobbyist, and has been involved in the passage of amendments to the California law. Please refer to their website for full biographies.

Class size: 100 participants.
Cost: $10.00

Go to this link and at the bottom of the page is access to register for this event online.”

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