ArtsTech Award Nominations due JULY 4; part of the Technology In The Arts Conference, Pittsburg OCTOBER 12/13

“The Center for Arts Management and Technology would like to welcome you to the 2007 Technology in the Arts Conference. Join us in Pittsburgh this October as we build upon the insights and enthusiasm shared last year. Technology in the Arts: the place for you to connect with the entire arts community in collaborative discussion and learning!

The goal of Technology in the Arts is to be a resource for the arts community, sparking dialogue around the role of technology in our planning and programming, discussing best practices as well as lessons learned, and providing hands-on, practical skills where possible.

The Technology in the Arts conference brings together the full spectrum of organizations within the arts, from the local to national levels, to examine the commonalities that exist in useful technologies as well as the opportunities for partnership.

Beyond discussing the adoption and integration of technology in the arts at the conference, CAMT hopes to establish a platform for continual dialogue through the connections made at the conference, online forums, and other ways that make sense to you.

To wrap up the conference, everyone is invited to a Close-Out Bash. This evening of performance and revelry, featuring art and music, will be open to conference attendees as well as the entire Pittsburgh community.

For complete information on attending, including scholarships, travel/hotel and registration information, visit


An applied research center within the Institute for the Management of Creative Enterprises, the Center for Arts Management and Technology (CAMT) investigates ways technology can improve and enhance the practice of arts management. When appropriate, CAMT develops technology solutions (such as artist rosters and online grant applications) that meet critical needs in the field. Located in the Heinz School of Public Policy and Management at Carnegie Mellon University, CAMT leverages the university’s strength in information technology, while benefiting from the expertise of its sister initiative, the Masters of Arts Management program. CAMT serves visual and performing arts organizations, arts agencies and service organizations, ranging from the local to national levels.


The Institute for the Management of Creative Enterprises (IMCE) acts as a cohesive vision for the contributions made by the Master of Arts Management program, the Master of Entertainment Industry Management program, the Center of Arts Management and Technology and the Arts and Culture Observatory to the multifaceted arts industry. By supporting these endeavors more administratively than theoretically, each entity is given the space to evolve and function as an independent institution. The effect is a varied and objective conglomerate that seeks to share the many innovations of the art field.

ArtsTech Award:
CAMT is now accepting nominations for this year’s ArtsTech Award, to be presented at the 2007 Technology in the Arts conference. The ArtsTech award is presented annually to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the arts through technology.

Nominations for the 2007 ArtsTech Award will be accepted through July 4th. To nominate an individual (including yourself), send an email to Cary McQueen Morrow with the following information:

Nominee name:
Nominee address and phone number:
Nominee email address:
Nominee website (if applicable):

200 word description of Nominee’s contribution to the arts through technology.

Nominator name:
Nominator address:
Nominator email address:”

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