MVS MARKETING WORKSHOP: Maine, August 1-4, and VII Seminar, too!

There are a few spaces left in my annual workshop at Maine Photo Workshops in Rockport. Class starts at 6 p.m. on Wednesday August 1, concludes on Saturday August 4th at noon.

The course description:
Mary Virginia Swanson will provide insights into the most effective avenues for introducing your work to the gallery and museum professionals. She will discuss the value of the national and international juried exhibitions, as well as portfolio review events as realistic avenues to industry professionals. Important gallery trade shows will be discussed from the perspective of helping artists to determine which dealers will be most appropriate for their work. Effective self-promotion materials will be shared with participants, as well as visuals providing insights into portfolio review events towards making the most of your participation. Professional practices necessary to successfully present your work will be discussed, as well as “talking points” when given the opportunity to sign with a gallery for representation. Participants will also gain awareness about granting the rights to reproduce your images, copyright and negotiation. There will be a session for group portfolio sharing, and the course workbook, Ms. Swanson’s book, Business of Photography: Principles and Practices (2007) will be provided to participants.

To register, click here, or call toll free at 877.577.7700

FOLLOWING the close of my seminar, there is an amazing symposium on the 4th:
VII Agency – Conflict Photography: A Symposium with members of the VII Photo Agency and photographer Samantha Appleton, moderated by Vicki Goldberg.

This seminar in Rockport, Maine is FREE and open to the public, but pre-registration is required.

Click this link to register, or call toll free to register: 877.577.7700

If you haven’t been to a VII seminar, it is an amazing, powerful experience. The work these photographers are producing is changing how we see the world. And Vicki Goldberg is one of the brightest lights in our field; she will do a fantastic job moderating the event. Don’t miss it. Join me for my workshop and stay on for this event – see you in the front row!

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