Two Recent Interviews with MVS Now Available – Online and on CD-ROM

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of being interviewed for two different publications.

MASTERING DIGITAL BLACK AND WHITE – in print, and audio interview on line:
First, Amadou Diallo, author of the recently published title MASTERING DIGITAL BLACK AND WHITE (2007, Thomson Publishing) interviewed me for Chapter 9, “Creating The Portfolio.”

A full length audio recording of our telephone interview is available for downloading at this link.

There is a terrific website for the book, with a roster of downloadable interviews with other contributors to the book, including Henry Wilhelm, Jean Miele, Chester Higgins and Jon Cone among others.
Check out the reader forums here.

Click here to buy the book.
I am also proud to say that Lenswork‘s recent issue #70, the Extended (CD-Rom) version includes an interview that Brooks Jensen conducted with me when we were both attending Photolucida in Portland, Oregon. I am in great company in issue #70, to say the least! Visit the website’s shop to subscribe, and click here to purchase from Photo-eye.

This is a publication you should all be subscribers to already; I love getting both the print and Extended (CD-Rom) editions – great for taking on airplane trips. Happy listening AND reading!


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