First “Aperture Prize” International Photography Competition Deadline 7/13

Aperture announced a new international competition to replace Aperture Foundation’s biannual portfolio review. The Aperture Prize competition will take place each summer, and will be judged by Aperture’s top editorial and curatorial staff.

The purpose of the Aperture Prize is to identify trends in contemporary photography and, specifically, artists whom we feel we can help by bringing them to a wide audience. It is also a way for Aperture to discover work that we might not otherwise see by artists whose progress we would like to follow.

First prize is $2,500. The first-prize winner and three runners-up will be featured on Aperture’s Web site (for approximately one year) and in a special publication printed to Aperture’s high standards and packaged with an issue of Aperture magazine, which reaches subscribers and newsstands worldwide. (Our intention is to publish the 2007 prize publication along with the summer 2008 issue of Aperture.) The winners also will be announced in Aperture’s e-newsletter.

To participate, entrants must be Aperture magazine subscribers (a discounted rate is available) and pay a $25 entry fee.

The deadline for submissions to the first international Aperture Prize competition is Friday, July 13, at midnight CST. Entries can be submitted online, starting Tuesday, May 1, at

For specifics on how to enter, see the Guidelines and FAQs pages. Good luck!


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