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PUBLIC ART Relating to ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: Call for Proposals for Artists Residing in AZ, CO, NM, NV, UT, CA and TX. Deadline is June 22nd

From the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture comes this great public art commission opportunity:

Life’s a journey for all of throwaway stuff in our lives. Every bottle, box, container, cell phone, newspaper and battery starts one place, for one purpose, and winds up in another. Some head to the dump, others to the recycling bin. Yet what’s that journey like? Where does it begin, meander and end? The Phoenix Public Art Program is looking for photographic artists to answer these questions with vivid images that explore the recycling process and its role in helping to sustain the environment.

Artists will be commissioned to create portfolios that delve beneath the surface of what it means to take out the trash. This project calls for artists to think broadly and inventively about the topic. Subjects may include the recyclable materials, recycling as a process, the stories attached to the process, the products and aftermath of recycling, and more. The commissioned works will be displayed at the new North Gateway Transfer Station’s and Material Recovery Facility’s viewing gallery and will be seen by the public touring the recycling facility. The images will also be used as part of a public education campaign about sustainability, reuse, and recycling.

The North Gateway Transfer Station and Material Recovery Facility’s interior viewing area offers a unique air-conditioned and well-lighted gallery with large windows overlooking the station’s recycling operations. During the school year, approximately 10,000 visitors will pass through the gallery.

Up to three artists will be selected for this project. Each will be commissioned to create a portfolio of works for the City’s permanent collection. Each portfolio should reflect at least one of the following variations on the larger themes as described above:

1. Hazardous Waste
2. Portraiture (the human factor)
3. Plastic, metal, glass, paper and stuff
4. Landscape and the environment
5. Electronics

In addition to being displayed in the North Gateway Facility’s viewing gallery, a selection of images may be used as part of a public service campaign to promote recycling in Phoenix. All commissioned works may be reproduced in a publication, poster, billboard or website pertaining to the connection between art and recycling.

Photographic artists working with analog and/or digital methods are encouraged to apply. Materials used to produce final images must be archival to ensure long-term storage and exhibition potential. The final images must be no smaller than 16” x 20” and no larger than 24” x 30” for exhibition. Selected artists will be asked to submit a digital copy of each image in addition to a hard copy, for future publication purposes. Images will be reproduced for non profit use and credit will be given to the artist in each case.

Applicants should send previously created work for review with a statement describing their approach to this project. Applicants should consider the process of recycling from start to finish, the materials used, the people involved, and anything else appropriate to the message of ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY while writing this statement.

The North Transfer Public Art Project is open to professional artists working with photography who reside in AZ, CO, NM, NV, UT, CA and TX. A strong national exhibition record is required for consideration for this commission. Applicants must be 18 or older to be considered for this commission. Students are not eligible for this commission; this is open to professional photographic artists only. City of Phoenix employees and their immediate family members as well as selection panelists and panelists’ immediate family members, are excluded from participation on this project.

The estimated budget for each selected artist is $35,000 for the creation of a portfolio of work. This budget includes artist fees, travel expenses*, print production, materials, reproduction rights, and shipping costs. Each portfolio should include up to 20 images. The City of Phoenix will cover the costs of framing and matting finished prints.

* It is expected that selected artists will photograph locally

The postmark deadline for this project is Friday, June 22nd. Applications not postmarked by this date will be returned unopened and will not be considered. Mail or deliver applications to:

Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture
Public Art Program
ATTN: North Transfer Station Public Art Project
200 W. Washington St., 10th Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Artists may be selected directly from initial submitted applications, or the selection panel may elect to interview a limited number of finalists from among the initial applications. The primary criteria for selection will be previous artistic accomplishment as demonstrated in images of previously completed artwork, and initial approach to the project as demonstrated in the artist’s statement.

Application Deadline: June 22

Pre submission meeting: June 4th at 6:00 p.m.

Selection panel initial review: late summer 2007

Finalist interviews: later summer 2007

Artist Selection and Contract: early fall 2007

The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture convenes a new selection panel for each new public art project. The selection panel will include five voting members: three artists and/or arts professionals, a community member and a staff member from the Department of Public Works. The role of the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture Public Art Program staff is to facilitate the selection process.

To be considered for the North Transfer Station Public Art project, artists must submit the following:

Each application must include:

1) A current resume, no more than two pages in length and printed on white paper in no less than 10-point font.

2) Ten digital images of previously completed artwork, all from the same series or body of work, formatted as follows:
jpeg format, 200 dpi, maximum 600 x 800 pixels, presented on a PC compatible CD-ROM. Name files with artist name and number per image list. (e.g.: smith_1.jpg, smith_2.jpg).

Please ensure that all files that you send electronically have been scanned by up-to-date virus scanning software. Incoming files with detected viruses are automatically deleted by the City of Phoenix computer system. The City assumes no responsibility or liability for undelivered or deleted files and emails.

3) An annotated, typewritten image list identifying images by number and listing media, size of the work (H x W x D), title, date and a brief description of the artwork if necessary.

4) A written artist’s statement, no more than one page in length and printed on white paper in no less than 10-point font, which addresses the artist’s interest in this project and a preliminary statement of approach. In this statement applicants should identify which subject is most appealing and how they intend to approach this idea.

5) A self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) with sufficient postage for the return of slides/CD if desired. Applications submitted without SASE will not be returned and will be destroyed upon completion of the selection process

DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL ARTWORK. Late applications will not be considered. Do not bind materials. Every effort will be made to ensure the safe handling of materials submitted. However, the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture and the City of Phoenix will not be responsible for any loss or damage.

The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture reserves the right, as the best interests of the City of Phoenix and affected communities may appear, to reject any or all applications or proposals, to reject any finalist, to waive informalities in applications or proposals, or to terminate the selection process for any project without prior notice. The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture reserves the right to make selections from the Juried Slide Registry in addition to submitted applications or in the event that insufficient or inappropriate applications are received or to terminate any project at any time. Applications to any project advertised by the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture constitutes agreement to all applicable rules and guidelines. A complete copy of the rules and guidelines is available here. To receive a printed copy, call the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture, (602) 262-4637.

For more information or a copy of this publication in an alternate format, contact Rebecca Blume Rothman at phone: 602-495-0893, City of Phoenix TTY Relay: 602-534-5500, or email:”

If you have not viewed the excellent list of national public art opportunities that this office provides on line, view it here.

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