SURTEX: “Selling and Licensing Art & Design” Coming to Javits Center NYC on May 20-22

For those of you involved in licensing images, you are likely to be aware of the SURTEX show, an annual event at the Javits Center in NYC where image placement for secondary markets, paper products and other ancillary product lines are featured. Dates are May 20-22. Members of the public may attend the exhibit hall as well as seminars; the website has complete details.

From the event website:

“MARKETS REPRESENTED: Art and design for sale and license to numerous industries: decorative fabrics, linens and domestics, contract textiles, wall coverings, floor coverings, apparel textiles, stationery, greeting cards, giftwrap and other paper products, tabletop, giftware, housewares, toys, ceramics, packaging and publishing.
Tools for the design industry: publications and services.”

“PROFILE OF ATTENDEES: Art buyers and licensees from the home furnishings, domestics, apparel, contract, gift, housewares, toy, stationery, greeting card, paper product, publishing and automotive manufacturing industries, plus private label retailers, licensing executives, interior designers, advertising agencies and stock houses.”

There are a range of interesting educational presentations as well, including “The Essential Licening Primer,” “The Licensing Agreement,” “Copyrights and Trademarks – The Best Defense is a Strong Offence,” “Trend Influences: Attitudes and Icons 2008” and more.

If you have been curious about the growing market for photographic images in the licensed product arena, wear comfortable shoes, bring a backpack for all the marketing materials you will take away, and hit this annual show.


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