“BOMBAY JADOO” by Photographer Betsy Karel: Booksigning at the Rubin Museum in NYC This Friday

Betsy Karel’s book BOMBAY JADOO is just off the press (Steidl, 2007) and looks stunning. The Washington, DC based photographer will be giving a talk and signing books this coming Friday May 4th at the Rubin Museum in NYC as part of it’s Friday night K2 series of activities; one of the authors who contributed to this book, Suketu Mehta will be present as well.

Photographer Alec Soth is quoted in the press release for this title as follows:
“A friend of mine who lives in Mumbai recently came home on vacation and praised NYC’s quiet streets and fresh air. I’ve never been to Mumbai. I can only imagine the flood of relentless stimuli. It takes a special gift to find order in all of this. With Bombay Jadoo, Betsy Karel not only sees the order, she sees the grace.”

The galleries at the Rubin are open to the public on Friday nights, and with both Lynn Davis “Illuminations” and The Missing Peace Project exhibitions on view, this is a perfect Friday night to visit the Rubin.


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