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Paolo Pellegrin Lecture/Opening in NYC on Tuesday May 1 at Half King

Michelle Jackson/Snap Indigo, curator of the gallery at the Half King, announces the opening of an exhibition of photographs by Paolo Pellegrin entitled “War In Lebanon” to be held at the Half King, 505 W. 23rd Street in NYC. The exhibition will be on view May 1 – June 17; the lecture will be held at 8:00 p.m. Tuesday May 1.

Pellegrin’s artist statement on this work:

“Having covered the Middle East for a number of years, I headed to Lebanon immediately after hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah broke out there in July 2006. Initially, most people thought the conflict would only last a few days; instead, the war went on for over a month and led to the deaths of over 1500 Lebanese, 150 Israelis, and the destruction of much of Lebanon’s infrastructure. While constantly criss-crossing the tiny country, I spent the greatest amount of time in the besieged south Lebanon city of Tyre – the ground-zero of the war – working on a report for the New York Times Magazine with writer Scott Anderson. It was important to me to get as close to the action as possible in hopes of conveying to the outside world the human consequences of this “improbable war.”

About the Photographer:

About Paolo Pellegrin:
Since taking up photography in the early 1990s, Paolo Pellegrin has become widely recognized as one of the world preeminent photojournalists. Over the span of his career, he has won 8 World Press Photo awards, the Leica Medal of Excellence, the Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography, and the Olivier Rebbot Award for Best Feature Photography, among many other prizes. This past month, he won the Robert Capa Gold Medal for his coverage of the 2006 war in Lebanon – which is also the subject of this exhibit. Pellegrin is a member of Magnum Photos.


2007 World Press Photo 1st Prize General News.
2006 World Press Photo 1st Prize Portraits.
2006 World Press Photo 3rd Prize Arts and Entertainment.
2005 World Press Photo 2nd Prize General News.
2004 Olivier Rebbot Award; Overseas Press Club, USA.
2003 Pesaresi Prize.
2002 Hansel-Meith Preis.
2002 World Press Photo 1st Prize General New Stories.
2002 Honorable Mention, Leica Oscar Barnack Award.
2001 EuroFuji Award/Italy.
2001 Leica Medal of Excellence.
2000 World Press Photo 1st Prize People in the News.
1999 World Press Photo 3rd Prize Portraits.
1999-2006 Several citations at the Picture of the Year International Award, USA.
1997 Grand Prize Gijon International Photofestival.
1996 Kodak Young Photographer Award – Visa d’Or, Perpignan, France.
1996 EuroFuji Award/Italy
1995 World Press Photo 1st Prize daily Life.


2006 W.E. Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography.
2000 Hasselblad Foundation Grant for Photography


2002 Kosovo 1999-2000: The Flight of Reason. Trolley, UK
2001 L’au delà est là. Le Point du Jour, France
1998 Cambogia. Federico Motta Editore, Italy
1997 Bambini. Sinnos, Italy

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