Open Society Institute’s Documentary Photography Project Grant: 2006 Winners, and 2007 Guidelines on website NOW

“Traditional media offer limited opportunities for presenting documentary photographs in a way that fosters social change. The Open Society Institute’s Documentary Photography Project supports photographers, working in collaboration with a partner organization, to present their work to specific audiences to stimulate positive social change.

All photographers must have another entity (such as a nonprofit or community-based organization) that agrees to collaborate with the photographer to present the work in innovative ways and to reach out to specific communities to advocate for social change. The partner must engage with the photographer to accomplish these goals—and not just fund or publish the project.

Grants of $5,000 to $30,000 will be awarded.” Deadline for application is July 6th.

When on the SOROS site, don’t miss these other two important postings: the audio file from the March 7th panel “Purple Hearts: Back from Iraq” is posted here.
“At a time when the daily realities of war are obscured, Purple Hearts—a series of portraits and interviews with American soldiers wounded in Iraq—provides an understanding of the human cost of war through the experience of wounded veterans. The work reminds communities of the physical and psychological problems endured by returning veterans, and provides young people considering military service a sober understanding of the realities of war.”

Writer Julie Winokur moderated a discussion with:

Nina Berman, photographer and author of Purple Hearts: Back from Iraq
Tod Ensign, attorney and director of Citizen Soldier

Amy Yenkin, director of the OSI Documentary Photography Project, introduced the event.

Purple Hearts: Back from Iraq is part of the ongoing Photography as Advocacy forum series, which explores how photography can be used to shape public policy and perception and to effect social change.

AND: The OSI Documentary Photography Project Distribution Grant Award Winners Announced 3/15/07; be sure to check out the outstanding projects that will receive funding this year. A full list is of winners of OSI’s Project Distribution Grant is here.


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