Agency VII Symposium at Maine Photographic Workshops August 4th

If you’ve not had a chance to spend a memorable day at an Agency VII symposium, here’s a chance to do so, in the US (their spring seminar is in the UK). Maine Photographic Workshops has arranged for an event to be held August 4th in Rockport, Maine. Make plans now to attend!

“This symposium will be a unique opportunity to spend an afternoon with celebrated author and photo critic Vicki Goldberg, Frank Evers, Managing Director for the VII Photo Agency and photographers Lauren Greenfield (VII), James Nachtwey (VII), Ron Haviv (VII), and Eugene Richards (VII). Also joining the panel will be photographer Samantha Appleton.

Goldberg’s book, The Power of Photography: How Photographs Change Our Lives, is a riveting account of how photographs have chronicled our social history, and how the photograph has become not only a prestigious art form, but an instrument of propaganda unsurpassed in its influence. James Nachtwey is considered one of the foremost photographers of our time. In 2001, a documentary about Nachtwey and his work was released entitled War Photographer. The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary. Ron Haviv, a co-founder of VII, has produced some of the most important images of conflict and other Humanitarian crises that have made headlines from around the world since the end of the Cold War.

Pre-registration for this free symposium is required. Space is limited. Registration may be done online ( please note that your credit card will NOT be charged any fees at time of booking) or call the Workshops toll free 877.577.7700.”

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