FotoFest Opens “GUANTANAMO: Pictures From Home, Questions of Justice” Exhibition March 31-May 19 in Houston

FotoFest, the Houston-based organization founded by Wendy Watriss and Fred Baldwin, is know for taking on challening ideas and presenting work that relates to civic and social problems.” Their upcoming exhibition is no exception.

FotoFest presents for the first time, “GUANTÁNAMO. Pictures From Home. Questions of Justice,” a rare glimpse into the life of the prison, the men who are detainees, their families, and the U.S. attorneys who represent the detainees.

The stories of the lawyers who are representing the detainees, their photographs and interviews, and the de-classified proceedings from U.S.military hearings take us from the Middle East and Afghanistan into the cells of Guantánamo.

“Guantánamo. Pictures From Home. Questions of Justice.” will be on public view at FotoFest from March 31 to May 19, 2007. The opening is Saturday, March 31 with the project director, artists, curator, and participating lawyers.

The exhibition presents nearly 100 previously unseen photographs and short video works gathered by photographer Margot Herster over the past two years. The images and stories portray detainees from Yemen, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain. The photographs are accompanied by narratives from their attorneys. An audio installation, Inside Guantánamo, details events Guantánamo. A video, The Lawyers, by Ms. Herster and Houston-born photographer and video artist Carolyn Mara Borlenghi, presents six Guantánamo attorneys candidly describing their experiences and interactions with detainees.

To read the complete press release, click here.


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  1. anaj said

    I’d be keen to see this. Too bad it’s so far away from Austria. Maybe I should enter my creation too, although it’s not a photo. I’ve created a little minimalist Guantanamo logo, feel free to use and circulate it, if you like.

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