GRIFFIN MUSEUM PORTFOLIO REVIEWS: Reservations to open Friday March 23rd

The Griffin Museum in Winchester, Massachusetts (near Boston) has announced the details for attending its Portfolio Review to be held on May 11th, from 10:00 – 1:00.

Reservations will be taken beginning 10:00 EST on Friday, March 23rd.
To reserve a space, call (781) 729-1158.
Fee three reviews: members is $100, non-members $125.

Reviewers noted in today’s email announcement include Kathy Ryan, Photography Director, New York Times Magazine, Bernard Toale , Bernard Toale Gallery, Boston; Barbara Hitchcock, Polariod Collection and Scott Thode, Photography Editor, Fortune Magazine; additional information including the full slate of Reviewers are listed on the Griffin website.

On the website you will find an excerpt from my book concerning attending portfolio reviews and making the most of your investment.

I’ll be giving a 1/2 day marketing workshop at the Griffin on Saturday April 28th from 1-5; I encourage all of you considering attending (or booked to attend) reviews at PhotoLucida, Griffin, PRC, Review Santa Fe or other spring 2007 events to come to this session and learn more about the value of these and other industry offerings, as well as how to most effectively and efficiently reach your audience.


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