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PODCASTS! Jeff Curto’s History of Photography Podcasts, and more!

Long-time colleague photographer JEFF CURTO, professor and coordinator in the department of Photography at the College of DuPage (IL) is a pioneer in podcasing. His History of Photography class podcasts have a world-wide listening audience among the thousands of subscribers. You can sign up here, or go to the itunes store here. Also, Jeff’s personal podcast “Camera Position: A Podcast About The Creative Side of Photography” has an even larger number of subscribers! Subscribe on the Camera Position website, or go to the itunes store to subscribe. I love listening to these podcasts on airplanes! Perfect companions.

Jeff wrote me recently to suggest other podcasts to check out:
“A good podcast I found is from Zoom-In; they’ve done interviews with John Sexton, Eric Meola, Martin Parr and Brian Paul Clamp from ClampArt Gallery in Chelsea.
They mix up a variety of “new media” items in the podcast so sometimes it’s photo, sometimes film, sometimes technology.
They’re also on the iTunes store (click here). Another podcast of note that I thought was interesting was “Making a Living in Stock Photography.”

Another interesting podcast comes from The Candid Frame: also available on iTunes: It’s hosted by Ibarionex Perillo; he did a FABULOUS interview with Joel Meyerowitz a few months ago… here’s a direct link to the .mp3:

Speaking of Meyerowitz, he did a really nice piece on the WGBH “Morning Stories” podcast. Here’s a direct link to that download.
The WGBH podcasts are really good, though rarely about photography.

And last, but not least, there’s TED Talks… podcasts from the TED conference. If you’ve not seen/heard these video podcasts… I’m tellin’ ya… TED is about Technology/Entertainment/Design. Phil Borges, Gregory Colbert, Edward Burtynsky, and then also non-photo but completely relevant ones like this one… my favorite of the bunch from Sir Ken Robinson:”

Thanks Jeff! If you are heading to SPE in Miami this week, be sure to catch his presentation/demo on Friday March 16th at 9:00 a.m.:

“Teaching the World: Using Podcasts in Photo Education”

Description: Through podcasting (distribution of audio files over the internet for “anytime” playback) my History of Photography course, I have opened the door of my classroom to the rest of the world and started a “class discussion” that is not constrained by the classroom walls or by the cultural, educational and personal backgrounds of my physical students. I’ve also been able to help my “live” students learn by providing them with asynchronous delivery of course content. I will offer a brief overview of podcasting and discuss and demonstrate tools needed to produce podcasts and get them uploaded to a server space for distribution.

Jeff has agreed to allow my posting of the handouts following this presentation – I’ll happily post the links during the week of the 19th.


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