JILL FREEDMAN featured in the current issue of Prophecy Magazine (#10)

Prophecy Magazine, a beautiful publication from NYC has a profile on photographer Jill Freedman, whose street work from the past few decades inspired the work of countless young photographers. The feature on Jill starts with “A photojournalist known for her passion, humor, and facination with human relationships, here, she shares rare NYC moments that have moved her, accompanied by her own evocative prose.” Don’t miss it! Visit Jill’s website to be reminded of her important books and images. And, visit www.irelandever.com, the website for her seventh and most recent book of the same name published by Abrams, with introductions by her old pals the McCourt brothers, Frank and Malachy. Jill Freedman says the book is, “a love poem: a celebration of the beauty of the land, the warmth of her people, the simplicity of the old ways and traditions, the humor and conviviality, the sharp wit and black moods, the kindness.”

Malachy McCourt sums it up best when he writes, “Any collection of Jill’s photographs, indeed any one of her works should be treasured and proudly displayed.”

Jill is living in the NYC area and if you ever get the chance to hear her speak and see her work, don’t pass it up.


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