“POSITION: Taking Sides in Conflict Photography Today” ICP Sponsored Lecture 2/23

ICP is sponsoring a very interesting panel in NYC on the evening of February 23rd, to be held 7-9 p.m. at The New School’s Swayduck Auditorium, 65 Fifth Avenue at 13th Street (ground floor). Description: “What is the perception of viewers seeing only one side of a conflict covered by a specific photographer? Does being local actually help or hinder you? What are the ethics, pitfalls, an boundaries of choosing one side to photograph? Does ethnicity factor into access? This evening dialogue will examine the difficulty of interpreting both sides of an emotional story through viewing the work of photojournalist who live and work in conflict areas such as Palestine and Israel.” Moderated by Alison Morley, photo editor and Chair, Photojournalism and Documentary Photography, ICP. Panelists include Alexandra Boulat/VII, Michael Robinson Chavez/Washington Post; Issa Freis/Filmmaker & CBS Cameraman; Heidi Levine/Sipa Press; Shaul Schwartz/Getty Images and more. Fee is $5.00; register on line or by phone (212) 857-0001.


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