“Breaking the Myth of Megapixels” Article in NYT 2/8

Those of you pondering whether to transition from film to digital capture will find this article in yesterday’s New York Times of interest:
Breaking the Myth of Megapixels” by David Pogue recounts a personal study comparing prints made by cameras offering ncreasing mexapixel capture. He collaborated with Ellis Vener, a professional photographer and a technical editor at Professional Photographer Magazine to compare 16″ x 24″ prints made using various consumer-level cameras with those captured by the Canon EOS-1DS Mark II.

Pogue concluded the results were the same: “The actual lesson, then, is this: “For the nonprofessional, five or six megapixels is plenty, even if you intend to make poster-size prints. Or, as comment No. 370 put it: “For the average consumer trying to decide between 5 megapixels and 8 megapixels on similar cameras, Mr. Pogue’s test might save them a little bit of money and a lot of hard-drive space.” Check this piece out, and the continuing discussion his blog.


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