Aperture Lecture Series Continues: Schedule set for February – May

Aperture continues to bring exceptional dialogue to the NY community. Last night’s presentation “What is Asked of a Picture? Images and Advocacy” was outstanding. Be sure to check the schedule for upcoming months, especially if traveling through NYC. Check the website to confirm location of talks listed are to be held at Aperture in Chelsea; remember to come early and enjoy the exhibitions on view as well as shop for Aperture publications. Our gratitude to Aperture for making this series free and open the public; it was particularly great to see so many students attending last night’s lecture.
Hats off to Aperture for 50+ years of outstanding contributions!

February 13: Surveillance: Context and Content (Panel)
February 20: Visual Culture: In Print/Online (Panel)
February 21: Behind the Faces of Fashion (Panel)
February 27: Alexandra Boulat (Artist Lecture)
March 7: The New Color: The Return of Black and White (“Tip of the Tongue Heated Debate”
March 13: Fine Artist or Commercial Photographer? (Panel
March 20: Bert Teunissen (Artist Lecture and Book Signing
March 27: Marco Breuer (Artist Lecture and Book Signing)
April 11: Feeling Nostalgic (“Tip of the Tongue Heated Debate”)
April 24: Alex Webb (Artist Lecture and Book Signing)
April 26: Gillian Laub (Artist Lecture)
May 1: Survivors (Panel)
May 8: Matthew Montieth (Artist Lecture and Book Signing)
May 9: Gilbert and George “Confounding Expectations: Photography in Context”


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