Today, FotoFest announced the dual themes for Fotofest 2008, the Twelveth International Bienniel.
The Biennial will focus on two interrelated themes: CHINA and TRANSFORMATIONS. The inital phase for applications opens today, and concludes on Monday, April 16th, 2007.

For the theme of CHINA:
Exhibitions for the venues coordinated by FotoFest will be featuring the work of Chinese photographers only.
For PARTICIPATING SPACES, the theme of China can also be extended to consider the work of non-Chines photographers, work on Chinese culture(s) and Chinese communities abroad, as well as work on other China-related subjects.

For the theme of TRANSFORMATIONS:
This second theme “is much more open and can be interpreted in many ways. The Transformations theme is not limited or restricted to China-related work. It can be interpreted however artists and curators would like to represent it. It could be related to youth and age, urban environments, physical or psychological metamorphosis, passage of time, architecture, war, technological change, and history, to name a few areas.”

FotoFest has a newly revised procedure and criteria for submissions; carefully read the SUBMISSIONS GUIDELINES for both FotoFest and Participating Spaces prior to beginning any preparations towards exhibition consideration.

The exhibitions in Houston during FotoFest are not to be missed, whether you are participating in The Meeting Place portfolio reviews (March 7-20; registration will open summer of 2007) or the Workshops (March 11th & 16th, 2008), or simply coming to Houston to experience the energy that is FOTOFEST! Mark these dates on your calendar now.

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