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New! MVS Business Book Pre-Publication Offer ends 1/31

I’m proud to say my new book THE BUSINESS OF PHOTOGRAPHY: PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES is completed and ready to ship. For those of you familiar with my previous self-published title, “Marketing Guidebook for Photographers” (updated Quarterly), all the content of a timely nature, i.e. grant deadlines, exhibition opportunities, portfolio review events and the like have moved to posts on this blog under the APPROACHING DEADLINE category.

I have substantially expanded and updated the previous title, providing “A Year of Deadlines” in the new title as a reference for opportunities, discuss creating an exhibition of your work, publishing your work, making the most of your marketing efforts overall, “Estate Planning Considerations for Artists” and much, much more.

I will honor the pre-publication rate of $35.00 +$5.00 S/H (USPS) on orders placed through 1/31/07 ($45.00 retail after that date).

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on PHOTO LA 2007

Deep into the Photo LA gallery expo this weekend, preparing to give lead a Collecting Seminar tomorrow. Noting the emphasis on photography books, limited edition and small press titles are in abundance; collecting books has clearly come into its own. Saw copies of THE AMERICANS by Robert Frank that had price tags ranging from $6500 to $12,500 depending on condition. Take care of your photography books, especially those that are signed! Whether you bring them to the second market or donate your book collection to a library or museum, they should have a long happy life as well cared for objects.

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