Photo LA Opens Tonight

Tonight is Opening Night of Photo LA, which continues through Sunday. This is one my favorite industry events of the year, a time to get a solid read on the market for collecting photography. There are a range of seminars offered in addition to spending time on the show floor, including artists lectures, a seminar organized by Center and the daily “Collecting Seminars.” I’m leading one on Sunday morning 1/21 that will have an emphasis on the new collector, and on collecting the work of emerging artists. If you can’t attend, remember that you can buy the show catalogue – a must for your research on which dealer is most likely to respond to your work. Remember too – gallery expos like Photo LA are not places where you would bring your work to try to get a few minutes of one-on-one time with a dealer; they have not invested time and money to scout new talent – they are here to sell photographs. Don’t make a bad first impression. Rather, watch for those targeted galleriest to be serving as a Reviewer at an upcoming Portfolio Review event, or as a judge at an upcoming competition. Try to make at least one gallery expo per year, and know that this is my favorite!


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