Self Publishing Advice

More and more photographers are electing to self publish their book, both for control and cost reasons.
Two good resources that have just been shared with me concerning design and production:

FOREWARD: A BOOK DESIGN BLOG has a searchable database going back to March 2003.

SELF PUBLISHING BLOG speaks more broadly to all writers, but understand that much of the production and all of the marketing/promotion will be relevant for those publishing visual books. Business is business and you don’t want a garage full of books not finding an audience.

I hope all of those considering publishing a book of their photographers, whether commercially, via self publishing or producing a limited edition fine art book are following the “Publishing The Photographic Book” column that Darius Himes, Editor of the quarterly publication and I co-author in the Photo-Eye Booklist. Earlier installments explained the details, and vocabulary of publishing. As we continue through the process of publishing, we touched on publicity and offered the following on-line resources regarding promotion:

Rocks-DeHart Public Relations is an excellent with a great deal of information. You can read articles on “What A Book Publicity Firm Does,” “Guidelines for Engaging A Publicist,” “Mistakes Not to Make,” and a thorough glossary of terms used within the industry.

Dog Ear Publishing is another great resource, with a section of Resources for Self-Publishing Authors, as well as notes about things like bar codes, copyrights.

C S Lewis Publicity: Here you can view some actual press kits in PDF format. They have great suggestions for elements that must be contained with the press kit.

Bookmarket offers a list of the TOP 101 of everything to do with books.

Author House offers information on professional author agents. Also view this link for “Creating a Successful Marketing and Promotional Plan.” This pdf, which you must purchase ($3.95), is a brilliant resource for those looking to self-publish and promote their work.

Book Press Releases: “Where Books Are Announced”

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More on limited edition artists books in an upcoming post, and more on publishing your work in my new book “The Business of Photography: Principles and Practices” which is about to go to press. Discounted pre-orders are being taken now.


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