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Long-range planning: Rhubarb ’07 and FotoFest ’08 Portfolio Reviews

As you know, registration for portfolio review events fill long before the date of the event. Photolucida, happening this April in Portland, Oregon filled to capacity just three days after registration opened! It is essential that you are on the e-mailing lists for events that you want to attend, and in hopes of getting in, hold those dates open on your calendar.

RHUBARB’s International Festival of the Image occurs annually late July in Birmingham, England. Dates for ’07: July 26-29. If you feel your body of work if of a level to warrant meetings with professionals, and you apply before registration is full, you will define your own schedule of meetings, unique to Rhubarb. The later you are accepted, the less your options for meetings with the full roster as some curators, publishers and gallery owners a booked quickly. The website states “Bookings will begin early in ’07” so don’t miss out! The early register gets their first choice of meetings with Reviewers. Click on 0.1. Rhubarb Festival on their website to learn more about last year’s event. To join their list for updates, click here.

FOTOFEST occurs every other even numbered year in Houston, Texas; dates for the Twelveth International Biennial of Photography and Photo-Related Art will be March 7 – April 20, 2008 during which exhibitions, workshops, symposia and a fine print auction will occur. The calendar for the 2006 event will give you an idea of the rich offerings during FotoFest. At the beginning of the 2008 dates and running for about two weeks, “The Meeting Place” will occur – this is the longest running and most internationally attended portfolio review event in the US, both in terms of photographers and Reviewers. In its January Newsletter, FotoFest will be posting information about the 2008 Meeting Place and announce the theme for exhibitions; another important reason to sign up for their e-mailing list and receive their monthly newsletter. Having your work included in an exhibition at FotoFest affords a tremendous audience, publication and good company for your work.

Please note that both organizations host events year-round, both regionally and internationally, but the portfolio reviews mentioned above are the “cornerstones” of activities for emerging photographers. If your work is ready to go to market, don’t miss these events, and the opportunity to connect with your peers!


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