Learn about funding for your personal projects: FOUNDATION CENTER

Many thanks to the Foundation Center for all the good work they do! Be sure to learn more about fundraising for you projects on their “Gain Knowledge” section of their website and at their seminar at offices/libraries in New York, Atlanta, Cleveland, San Francisco and Washington DC and cooperating collections nationwide.

Be sure to take advantage of the courses offered at their offices; a three-month calendar is always posted, so when planning to be in any of the above cities, don’t forget to look at the EDUCATION and EVENTS CALENDAR on each of the offices’ websites (for example, click here to see the NYC office calendar for January/February/March 2007; among my favorites are “Grantseeking Basics for Individuals in the Arts”, “Guide to the Resources on the Foundation Center’s Website” and Introduction to “The Foundation Directory Online.”

sign up as “a grantseeker” to receive the Philanthropy News Digest via email, a service of The Foundation Center. Know too that you can tailor the content sent to you to your project subject areas. You can choose a more general field of interest such as “arts and culture” or a more specific report on topics you may be pursuing in your work such as health/aging, science and technology, international affairs and so forth.

With perseverance and professionalism, you will find a match for your project funding needs.


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