Application Period OPENS: Leica European Publishers Award for 2007

The Leica Eruopean Publishers Award, open to photographers worldwide “is a major initiative to encourage publishing of contemporary photography.” The competition is a unique collaboration between seven European Publishers: Actes Sud (France), Apeiron (Greece), Dewi Lewis Publishing (Great Britain), Editions Braus (Germany), Lunwerg Editiores (Spain), Mets & Schilt (The Netherlands) and Peliti Associati (Italy).

January 1-31 is the time when book proposals will be accepted by the participating publishers; if one of these publishers is not in your country, applications must be submitted to this year’s host publisher (Editions Braus in 2007). IMPORTANT: All submissions must be posted from, and returned to, a European address.

The website lists the impressive roster of previous winners with links to their published projects; the 2006 winning project was Children of Bombay by photographer Dario Mitidieri.

This is a terrific way to introduce your projects to seven publishers of photography books via a single submission; good luck to all!


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