Wednesday (12/27/06), Charlie Rose interviewed Craig Barnett, the Chairman of Intel for the hour. When discussing past and the future of the digital revolution. Barnett said there are four areas key to bridging the digital divide: Access to the technology (price point), connectivity, CONTENT, and basic education which he sees as essential to drive technology to all people. What excites me here: that content is #3 on the list. “Local, educational content that is germane to the community it is serving” is how Barnett described content in this context. I am reminded of the arrival of cable television when young filmmakers had a chance have their work seen, first and foremost, and to a much greater number of people at that. Imagemakers and storytellers are in a similar place today, with the potential to reach new audiences, and have their work valued.

This week I have been working on the update for my book, and when adding a new chapter addressing multimedia I draw attention to the important work of Ed Kashi and Julie Winokur. Their work on “Aging In America” spanned an eight-year period during which the final format for projects evolved from the book/exhibition to the film plus feature story on and a series on MSNBC.COM that has been seen by over a million people. Brian Storm, the founder and President of MediaStorm features two other Kashi/Winokur projects: “Friends for Life” and their most recent project “The Sandwich Generation” among many other important multimedia presentations on MediaStorm, some that are stills with an audio voice-over discussion with the photographer, others merging stills, motion and audio. MediaStorm provides storytellers a portal to showcase their work and sell prints, books, DVD’s of films, and link to license the images, offering artists the broadest possible potential for revenue with which to continue their work. Multimedia=Audience. Broaden your vision, broaden your toolkit and you will broaden your audience.


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