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At year’s end: The Art Market 2006

Recent articles by the NYT art critics with their year-end summaries:

Michael Kimmelman’s “Restless Museums, Repatriated Art, Record Sales”
Roberta Smith’s “The Met Got Up-to-Date, Graffiti Said Goodbye” which has an Interactive Feature entitled “The Year in Arts.” Ms. Smith contributes an audio component, illustrating the points she makes in her article.

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Photographer and author Charles H. Traub along with Stephen Heller and Adam Bell gathered together an incredible collection of writings to encourage and inspire all of us who make pictures. Co-published by School of the Visual Arts and Allworth Press, THE EDUCATION OF A PHOTOGRAPHER includes selections from early twentieth-century masters to pieces many of us authored specifically for inclusing in this anthology. Photographers, photo editors, designers, gallerists, artist’s representatives, creative consultants, curators and auction house specialists are among the contributors to this 256-page softbound book.

Something in this collection will speak to the creativity in you, no matter how long ago you were “officially” a student. Never stop learning!

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