New York Times “2006: YEAR IN PICTURES”

On the home page of today’s home page of the New York Times website you will find a link to the MULTIMEDIA area and the Interactive Feature “THE YEAR IN PICTURES.”

Michele McNally, Assistant Managing Editor for Photography at The New York Times, provides a voice-over introduction to this riviting multi-media show, speaking to the parameters of deciding which iconic, memorable images make the cut for this this year-end summary.

She shared that the editors tend to look for images that meet these criteria:

First: images that first and formost are historical because it is the YEAR IN PICTURES at NYT.
Second: an image needs to be sociological – define what people do, what people do to each other.
Third: an image needs to be psychological – needs to have some sort of emotional impact, “make me feel something.”
Lastly – the image needs to be aesthetic; and the aestethetics need to reinforce all of the above.

Take a look at the amazing work done by these photographers, and photo editors.


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