Your Business/Your Business Plan

To be successful in business – any business – you must think like an entrepreneur. I encourage artists to a recent Business Week Magazine’s BUSINESSWEEKONLINE SMALL BIZ posting called “Harnessing the Power of Marketing.” The intro: “No matter what industry your business is in, it’s crucial to define your market, figure out how to reach it, and stay on top of changes.” I stress many of these issues in my MARKETING GUIDEBOOK FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS but remember, business is business. The business of art is as important as the making of art. Think of the artists you most admire and respect, and consider how you learned of their work, where you viewed their work in person, where you perhaps read critical reviews, monographs and the like… whether they are marketing their own work or the have marketing partners, they are building successful careers.

More on the business of art to come on this blog, and in the updated 2007 edition of my book.


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