Writer and photographer Sara Terry, founder and President of The Aftermath Project recently announced the recipients of the inaugural “Aftermath Grants,” the funding for which was raised in great part by photographers donating their prints to an benefit auction held specifically for this purpose – in other words, photographers helping to support the projects of other photographers. JIM GOLDBERG of the US was awarded $20,000 to continue a story called “The New Europeans.” WOLF BOWIG of Germany was awarded $15,000 to continue “The Forgotten Island: Narratives of War in Sierra Leone.” The three finalists were ANDREW STANBRIDGE of the US who proposed documenting people affected by the reconstruction in Laos; ASIM RAFIQUI, a Kasmiri photographer living in Sweden proposed documenting the effects of war in his native Kasmir, and PAULA LUTTRINGER, an Argentinean photographer who lives in France proposed a survey of locations in Argentina where mothers of missing children were abducted between 1976 and 1983. The work of all five photographers will appear in a book produced by Mets & Schilt, Aperture and The Aftermath Foundation in the fall of 2007.
The branding for The Aftermath Project includes this important subtitle: WAR IS ONLY HALF THE STORY.
Sara’s long-term personal project “AFTERMATH: Bosnia’s Long Road to Peace” was published in 2005 and also exists in an excellent website, One of the things I admire about Sara, and this website, is her strong desire to encourage viewers to learn more about this issue as well as to credit those organizations which have helped her produce the project and continue to broaden awareness about her subject. Support this important project.

As a photographer, being responsible to your SUBJECT is a natural for Sara. Being responsible to her PEERS can be added to that statement, as evidenced by the good work her ground-breaking foundation is doing for photographers.


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