DEADLINE 12/15: Project Competition, REVIEW SANTA FE and The Singular Image

Important deadline approaching: The Santa Fe Center for Photography’s 12/15/06 deadline is for three (3) significant competitions. Each submission can be viewed by judging teams for all three competitions, for ease in submission. Artists may submit more than one body of work for consideration, but my should be SEPARATE SUBMISSIONS. View the submissions guidelines and the FAQ’s to aid in your submission procedure. THE FOLLOWING COMPETITION SUBMISSIONS ARE ALL DUE 12/15/06:

1) PROJECT COMPETITION is judged on a complete body of work (20 images) and artist statement. Judges this year: Charles Guice of the Charles Guice Gallery, Kathy Ryan, Director of Photography at the New York Times Magazine and Debra Klochko, Director of the Museum of Photographic Arts (MoPA) in San Diego. Previous winners: Julie Blackmon, Dave Anderson, and Maggie Taylor. FAQ’s

2) REVIEW SANTA FE is the only JURIED Portfolio Review event in the country. Artists are encouraged to submit mature bodies of work, and an artist statement for consideration of acceptance; event is held mid-May in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Again, you may submit more than one body of work, buy submit as separate applications; a team of three industry professionals will review the applications to determine which may attend and have the opportunity to meet individually with curators, gallerists, photo editors, art directors, publishers and more who can make a difference in your career. Review Santa Fe should be a goal for you to attend one day, without question. Participation will move your career forward. FAQ’s

3) SINGULAR IMAGE – you may also submit a selection of random images (not a full body of work) for consideration of judges Brooks Jensen, Editor of Lenswork Magazine (for B/W), and Miriam Leuchter, Managing Editor, Popular Photography and Imaging Magazine (for Color). FAQ’s

The process of submitting to these important competitions will challenge you to take a hard look at your work, and to write an clear statement about your bodies(s) of work. Be mindful of your sequencing, too. You will see your work projects more clearly once you embark on this journey. Give it your best effort. The judges will take their roles responsibly; your work will be seen and your words will be read.


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