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Recently, I have been helping many artists edit their artist’s statement as required for submission to most juried exhibition and grant applications. My mantra: LESS IS MORE. Just as you would edit your work tightly for submission, edit your words tightly as well. While may such guidelies will allow “one page” I recall a colleague wishing that “one sentence, plue one paragraph of 100 words” be the maxiumum allowed. For me, a successful artist’s statement is one that that is so intriquing that it makes me truly want to see the work… an example: Sanf Francisco-based artist Vicki Topaz’s statement for Portfolio One: Interiors, which you can read on her website. Your statement essentially serves the same purpose as introductory wall copy at the start of an exhibition; it is your opportunity to bring all of our attention to your work. At this fall’s CREATIVE EDGE event “The Long-Term Photographic Project” organized by the Santa Fe Center for Photography, ERIC MILES from Photo-Eye Bookstore and a contributing author to the Photo-Eye Booklist gave an outstanding session on artists statements, sharing successful examples of statements/images. Eric added the value of placing your work in context as well – historical references and even kinship to contemporary artists. But lastly – remember the most important thing: ultimately, it is all about the work. Push yourself and your work to cross creative boundaries and find your voice, then share it with others.


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