Inauguration Day

MARKETING PHOTOS with Mary Virginia Swanson

I passed a billboard in an airport last week that claimed 1,200,000 was the number of people who posted to blogs every day. Amazing. So today I inaugurate my blog, MARKETING PHOTOS with Mary Virginia Swanson, which I intend to use as a space to share thoughts about great work I’ve seen (“MVS Photo Favorites”), articles not to be missed (“Reading Matters”), competitions to enter (“Upcoming Deadlines”) and “Market Musings.” NYC and internet-based gallerist Jen Bekman, whom I met at the recent PhotoPlus Expo, shared with me that a daily writing routine has been essential for her as an influential blogger, and I shall aspire to do the same. I travel frequently and trust that my observations will likely reference a broad range of material pertinent to many of my readers. Visit often to stay current.

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