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Aperture Lecture: Image Ownership and Usage in the Digital Age

Attended an excellent lecture last night on the above topic, moderated by IP attorney and Chair of the Photography Department at Parsons The New School Michelle Bogre with panelists attorney Barbara T. Hoffman and photographer/former Getty Images Sr. VP of Business Development Richard Ellis. Barbara greatly increased our understanding of the “FAIR USE” determination, citing cases involving artists and photographers whose works had been appropriated by other artists for commercial purposes. Richard brought a strong voice for photographers to the table, citing his concerns that as a result of the internet, the value of distribution now outweights the value of content and further, the public perception of the value of images has crashed. His conclusions: 1) your behavior matters – do not give up your copyright or otherwise devalue your work, 2) respect ALL copyrights, 3) defend your rights – be a voice in support of copyright protection, join professional organizations like ASMP, EP, SAA, Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts and others, and lastly, 4) VALUE YOUR WORK. Michelle closed, citing the possible comparison of cultural change to slowing global warming – if we honor the work of others, valuing one copyright-protected work at a time, we CAN make a difference!

Several events remain in Aperture’s 2006 schedule calendar; DATES FOR UPCOMING APERTURE FOUNDATION LECTURE SERIES EVENTS (2007): 2/21, 3.28 and 5/9; check the website for confirmation of dates, topics and locations.

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Friends Without A Border AUCTION 12/12/06

Next Tuesday night is the 10th Annual “FWAB” Photography Auction to benefit the Ankor Hospital for Children (AHC) in Cambodia that was founded in 1995 by photographer Kenro Izu. Once again, the generosity of photographers whom have gifted prints to this auction is astounding. I particularly admire the fact that many emerging and mid-career photographers hang side-by-side with established artists, giving them much needed visibiity in NYC. There is a beautiful catalogue available and you don’t need to be present to submit a bid. I trust I will see many of you at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 123 W. 18th Sreet #5L in Manhattan at 6 p.m. on the 12th!

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Cartier-Bresson Interview with Charlie Rose

On today’s EP Forum, Miami-based photographer and EP founder Brian Smith noted that the interview that Henri Cartier-Bresson did with Charlie Rose is available for viewing on-line. This rare interview was done in Paris on July 6, 2000 (57 minutes) and starts with a short clip of Richard Avedon speaking on HCB. Wonderful!

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Marketing Photos/MARKETING ART

When considering the marketing of your photographs, I encourage you to aware of the current climate for marketing ART. It is my strong belief that the newest buyers of photography have been buying art for some time now, and are beginning to add photography to their collections. We are seeing established art galleries representing photographers for the first time, and galleries long exclusively representing photographers now showing other works on paper, video and installation pieces, and more. Two of my favorite recent pieces were in the NYT this past Sunday, December 3rd – view on line (soon) if you didn’t get the paper:

- Philip Gefter wrote an article called “What’s New In Photography: Anything But Photos” that was published in the paper,


- In this past Sunday’s NYT Magazine there was an interesting article called “FAIR PLAYERS” that targeted THE DEALER, the THE ARTISTS, THE CURATOR and THE COLLECTOR.

Happy reading!

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If you didn’t think you could get a submission in, for whatever reason, you have one more day!
On the website you will see a notice that the deadline has been extended to 12 Midnight tomorrow, December 5th EST (9 p.m. PST). With electronic submission, it is easy to enter. I hope that this extra day helps many of you participate.

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DIGITAL JOURNALIST – December 06 Issue

One of my favorite e-magazines, DIGITAL JOURNALIST, has posted its December 2006 issue. I trust all of are regular readers of this important collection of articles, picture essays, product and trade show reviews and more. If not, begin today! It’s free and the database of content is easily searchable. It’s founder, photojournalist DIRCK HALSTED, just published MOMENTS IN TIME. I always look forward to reading publisher PETER HOWE‘s editorials, as well as DISPATCHES FROM THE FIELD, edited by curator Marianne Fulton. Become a regular reader today.

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On today’s Copyright Forum for members of Editorial Photographers (“EP), lawyer Carolyn E. Wright referred photographers to her blog entry on “Copyright Protection for Foreign Photographers” which is very interesting. If you are not a member of EP, you should be – it is $50/year ($25/year for students) and is money well spent. Besides the forums, dialogue with your peers and the articles posted by individuals such as Debra Weiss on “The Value of Photography” , members have access to its CONTRACTS section which features detailed analysis of actual contracts. Whether you wish to shoot for an editorial client someday or not, learning to read contracts is essential, and this tool is a fantastic tutorial. Please encourage your students to join and begin to understand the business of our industry.

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Today is the last day to submit work to CRITICAL MASS! I look forward to seeing all your entries.

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Recently, I have been helping many artists edit their artist’s statement as required for submission to most juried exhibition and grant applications. My mantra: LESS IS MORE. Just as you would edit your work tightly for submission, edit your words tightly as well. While may such guidelies will allow “one page” I recall a colleague wishing that “one sentence, plue one paragraph of 100 words” be the maxiumum allowed. For me, a successful artist’s statement is one that that is so intriquing that it makes me truly want to see the work… an example: Sanf Francisco-based artist Vicki Topaz’s statement for Portfolio One: Interiors, which you can read on her website. Your statement essentially serves the same purpose as introductory wall copy at the start of an exhibition; it is your opportunity to bring all of our attention to your work. At this fall’s CREATIVE EDGE event “The Long-Term Photographic Project” organized by the Santa Fe Center for Photography, ERIC MILES from Photo-Eye Bookstore and a contributing author to the Photo-Eye Booklist gave an outstanding session on artists statements, sharing successful examples of statements/images. Eric added the value of placing your work in context as well – historical references and even kinship to contemporary artists. But lastly – remember the most important thing: ultimately, it is all about the work. Push yourself and your work to cross creative boundaries and find your voice, then share it with others.

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There are a limited number of the Fall 2006 edition of my MARKETING GUIDEBOOK for PHOTOGRAPHERS that as of today and until they are gone are discounted to $25.00 plus $4.05 shipping and handling (USPS Priority Mail). I will be releasing the 2007 edition sometime in January, and am happy to discount the price for the few copies we have left in stock at the office in Tucson and NYC. Check out the chapter heading and content summaries on my website through the above link. Happy December!

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